13 Slides to include in your Pitch Deck

Effective Pitch Deck = Effective First impression

Given the fact that you are looking for ideas on how to create a Pitch deck, I believe you already have a product or service at hand and are looking for significant investors to engage with. Many think that a Pitch deck is like the first impression you create to impress an investor, and that being one of the truths makes it a key factor in preparing yourself before you make that first move.

Will I be or will I not… that is the question

Just like in an HR’s office, few resumes make it to the hiring Manager’s desk, in the same way few slides that go into your pitch deck decide whether your idea will be pulled out of a rack for a further discussion. If you are thinking it is the final stage to get you funded, then please let me stop you there. Pitch deck if structured well, can be a pass to getting on the hot seat for further discussions with the Investors.

Knowing full proof that you will be looking to ace this very opportunity, let’s understand what all points need to be considered while preparing a Pitch deck.

The whats and whys of a Pitch deck

Providing a brief on your business plan along with details on your offerings, your past and current financials, estimated projections as well as your ask are among the few points that your presentation will run around. That may just not be it, so here are few more pointers:

1. Vision & Goals

Something that plays as a statement of what your business is trying to achieve and where you’re headed. Keep it crisp, we don’t want to bore our Investors already.

2. Alpha and the pack

Let them know who you and your teammates are – the founders’ pedigree will help build the confidence. Dedication and devotion to your business is essential.

3. Spot the Problem

Being part of a highly Problem v/s Solution era, your business definitely needs to explain the problem that it’s looking to simplify. The more they can relate the more they’ll feel interested.

4. Ideal customers

Explain who your target market is and how will they benefit from your product. It’ll be preferable if you can define a specific audience than a huge pool. Precision will help them make a better decision!

5. Knight in shining armour

Discuss the bigger picture and how effectively your plan can make a huge difference. Let it be descriptive yet discrete!

6. Near or far

State the geographical reach of your plan, whether it is to serve domestic needs only or eventually move global. You can always set a timeline on how you plan to move forward and tap the market. This will monitor future projections.

7. Competition mapping

It is possible that an idea similar to yours already exists, make sure to  have an upper edge compared to them. Let your USPs do the talking…

8. Journey so far

Investors will also be interested in knowing the business tractions till date. A promising future can often be told from the past efforts and results. Don’t be disheartened if your still in the seedling stage, many investors often do like raw ideas too.

9. Revenue and Projections

An almost unavoidable point! Mention the Income generating source of your business, how your model runs, whether you are a budget-friendly or high-premium charging model and also on how you plan to continue a healthy financial inflow in the future. Keep ticking the boxes…

10. Past investments

Was your business bootstrapped or had you been able to raise a funding round earlier? These are few points which will keep the Investor keen to know more on how other investors valued your product in the past.

11. Your ask

This is the point when a predetermined valuation of your business will come handy to make sure you are justifying funding need. Don’t overvalue or undervalue your product, just keep it realistic.

12. Fund Usage

There can be a couple of things that your business is planning to invest in, may it be manpower, product development, marketing etc, make sure you allot a significant percentage to each. The numbers should justify your future projections and goals.

13. Future roadmaps

It’s always advisable to provide a growth strategy on where and how you plan to proceed with your business in future. Make sure you paint a clear picture!

Learn to Tell a tale! Don’t overdo your deck with confusing data, rather keep it short and simple. Remember that the whole point here is to generate more curiosity for your product, i.e. to stand out of the crowd and get to that hot-seat. The more precise your information is, the better you get to hold an Investors attention.

But are you still anxious? Thinking you don’t want to blow up your first impression and that you might just need some extra guidance? It’s nothing to be worried about, we’ve seen many business owners have that same jittery feeling at first, but that’s exactly when we’ve stood by them and helped them cross the bridge. We at MergerDomo are here to help you at every step, right from preparing an outstanding pitch deck, to other consultancy services and finally to get you funded.

So, get in touch now to build an effective Pitch deck!

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Authored by
Rosy Fernandes
(Relationship Manager, MergerDomo)

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