Emergence and Advantages of new age online deal sourcing marketplaces

Online deal sourcing marketplace is a totally new-age ball game where we extensively use technology and new age digital tools to source deals for the business buyers as well as the business sellers. With Mergerdomo.com our clients are always at the edge of identifying the businesses in the early stage which are otherwise next to impossible to find manually.

You will be surprised to know that unlike manual deals, online deals close 10X faster on deal sourcing marketplace. Using our AI based algorithms our systems are working 24×7 for our clients to present them with the best deals. We are always investing in our marketplace to provide the best analysis around the deals, minimising the deal closure time and constantly improving to bring in the new processes, business investors and business buyers.

Major advantages of using our Deal Sourcing Marketplaces

In this Covid-19 situation we are helping our clients to get the most out of this situation. There are many businesses which are at this stage undervalued or not in the right shape due to the new normal and not because they have a conducive business model at this stage. Our AI-based systems are working to identify them and get you the best deals. And there are many business owners who are in the need of funds at this stage so we are working very closely with them to get the most value out of this pandemic.

In addition,

  1. Our platform is open 24×7 for the business in this new normal
  2. Our automated processes let you sleep peacefully as our algorithms does the due diligence on your behalf.
  3. Platform users gets the notification every time there is a new deal on the block or there is a new buyer or vice versa.
  4. Our world leading business consultants handhold you in the entire deal selection process as soon as you identify a business.
  5. Lastly, founders of Mergerdomo.com have already very rich experience of the industries and businesses since they have successfully launched and supported business over the decades.

To give you some assurance on the platform:

Mergerdomo.com has enabled over 100 business buyers, business sellers and investors to get deals in the last 1 year. Thanks to the technology that is working for us.

Mergerdomo.com has become one of the No.1 online deal sourcing marketplace, by popular choice of Investment bankers and Investors,  in a short span of time

Our platform supports business aspirants from all ages and all classes. With almost no paper-work, complete ease of business, the very latest in business models and with complete transparency you can shop for businesses here on the website.

There are business deals starting from Rs. 10Cr to over 100 Crores with over 100s of deals from across the world. Take your business global. Please feel free to visit the website for more details on the current business deals. To register with us log on to https://www.mergerdomo.com

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